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Wildlife photography is in my heart and nature flows through my veins...

Reading to children at a young age helps to foster a pattern of learning that can carry a child well into adulthood.  Teaching them about nature and wildlife helps them develop a healthier respect for the world in which we live.  Inspire early reading with nature and wildlife photography!

Hello!  Welcome to my webpage.  I'm Daniel D'Auria.  I'm a practicing physician in southern New Jersey.  I've spent the greater part of the last thirty-five to forty years dedicated to the study and practice of medicine.  I am the founding partner of Digestive Health Physicians, PA. 


In recent years, I have found myself getting back to some of the basics that I loved as a child:  The great outdoors, nature, and wildlife.  My interest in photography dates back to grade school and I had my first darkroom in junior high.  Photography took a back seat to my studies up until a few years ago.  I now enjoy traveling in search of wild animals to photograph.  From birds to bears and everything in between, I hope to find them all in my rangefinder!


My books are the result of a desire to do more than simply print, frame, and post photographs on the internet.  The stories are mine.  They are written in rhyme, because that too was something I enjoyed as a child.  The books are illustrated with my own wildlife photographs.  It is my hope that my books will bring parents and children together.  If one child learns to pick up a book and read or develops a deeper love of nature because of my books, then I will have succeeded beyond any expectations.

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